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In fish tanks, with time, the water tends to take on a yellowish colour thereby limiting the penetration of light and making it unpleasant to the eye. Sometimes, after treatment, it is necessary to remove the traces of medicine left by the treatment. In these circumstances it is advisable to use a chemical filter, with and active or super-active carbon. Équo, having carried out a series of tests on various types of carbon, selected DEPURO MARINO, from coconut, a super-active carbon specially suited to fresh and salt water. DEPURO MARINO, thanks to its particular productive process, minimizes the risks arising from the release of undesirable inorganic substances. DEPURO MARINO has a very low ash content, which leaves the pH of the water  unaltered.  The porosity of the surface guarantees maximum contact with the water and therefore maximises the efficiency of the purification process.


Insert the content in a fine net bag and rinse under running water or, better still, in de-mineralised, chlorine-free water, in order to eliminate any dust or ash, then place the product in the filter in the biological container. Protect DEPURO MARINO  from dirt by then placing it in the mechanical filter. The content of a box of 500ml of DEPURO MARINO is sufficient to filter approximately 500l of water in an aquarium with a normal density. Do not re-use the old carbon. Label CE: 231-153-3.



Format: pack of  500ml, 2 – 5 – 10lt

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