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BIO-STARTER A & B Box with 2 bottles of 100ml


A condition necessary for the development and proliferation of organisms bred in aquariums is a low concentration of nutrients. Particularly in marine barrier aquariums, in order to allow for the correct growth of hard coral, it’s necessary to maintain the Phosphate (PO4) concentration below 0.01 ml per litre and Nitrates (NO3) below 3 ml per litre. Bacteria families(Bacillus) called heterotrophs and selected enzymes exist which, during their lifecycle metabolise the phosphates and nitrates present in their environment, absorbing them into their biomass, in this way,  noticeably lowering  the concentration of nutrients. BIO-STARTER A & B constitute the correct nutrients based on organic carbon, specifically for  heterotrophic bacterial flora, introduced by treatment with BIO-EXTRA. Guaranteeing the heterotrophic bacterial flora adequate nutrition causing an exceptional proliferation and as a result, the efficiency of the elimination of nutrients.

During the treatment with BIO-EXTRA,  BIO-STARTER A & B it is necessary to assure an adequate foam, allowing the removal of excess bacteria from the water, and through this, the nutrients accumulated.


Amplifying the  efficiency of the heterotrophic  bacterial flora for the lowering of the concentration of nutrients in the aquarium. Reducing the pollution contributes to inhibiting the proliferation of pathogenic micro-organisms; Innocuous for both flora e fauna.


- BIO-STARTER  “A”. Aqueous solution of organic acids.
- BIO-STARTER “B”. Aqueous solution with Glutamate base.


- Preparation or first week: 5 ml per 100 litres.
- Maintenance: 1 ml per 100 litri.


Shake before use. Pour slowly the quantity necessary in the pump, or in the fish tank avoid pouring directly on the animals.Never pour into the filter.

BIO-STARTER A & B are complementary products and must be used according to the table below, using the dosage indicated.


  Monday Tuesday Wedsday Thursday Friday Saturday
X   X   X  
  X   X          X


Format: Box with 2 Bottle of 100 and 250ml; Tank of 2.5 and 5lt

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