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BIO-EXTRA Box with 24 phials of 5ml

A condition necessary for the development and proliferation of organisms bred in aquariums is a low concentration of nutrients. Particularly in marine barrier aquariums, in order to allow for the correct growth of hard coral, it’s necessary to maintain the Phosphate (PO4) concentration below 0.01 ml per litre and Nitrates (NO3) below 3 ml per litre. Bacteria families(Bacillus) called heterotrophs and selected enzymes exist which, during their lifecycle metabolise the phosphates and nitrates present in their environment, absorbing them into their biomass, in this way,  noticeably lowering  the concentration of nutrients. BIO-EXTRA is made up of a variety of bacteria and enzymes, specifically selected to cut down the nutritious substances in the aquarium.  

USE IN FRESH WATER: In fresh water  aquariums we recommend starting treatment two months after introducing the fish, and must be combined with REMOVER NO3. 
USE IN MARINE WATER: In marine barrier aquariums, namely  Berlinese (with Skimmer)  the treatment with BIO-EXTRA can be initiated together with the insertion of live rocks and must be combined with BIO-STARTER A&B and/or REMOVER NO3. With  BIO-STARTER A&B and REMOVER NO3, the efficiency of  BIO-EXTRA  is amplified through the addition of micro-organisms introduced through the right nutrients based on organic *. BIO-STARTER A&B assure an amazing proliferation of micro-organisms which, as a result a even greater removal of nutrients.  During the treatment with  BIO-EXTRA,  BIO-STARTER A&B  it is necessary to have efficient foaming in order to remove the excess bacterial matter from the water, and, with this the nutrients accumulated.

- It acts rapidly thanks to a synergistic action of bacteria and enzymes in the reduction of nitrate and phosphate;
- It contains a high concentration of extremely active micro-organisms which are beneficial to the aquarium;
- Reducing the pollution, it inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic micro-organisms;
- The product remains fresh, 100% efficient, and is easy to use thanks to the single-dose phials;
- It can be handled without risk, being innocuous to flora and fauna;
- It can be handled without particular precautions as it does not represent a health risk.

A mix of bacterial culture -Bacillus (5 species) and selected enzymes.

To begin
-1 phial  of 5ml of BIO-EXTRA for up to 500 litres of water, for 5 days then continue with the maintenance treatment.

Maintenance or when the water is changed: dose per week:
-1 phial of 5 ml of BIO--EXTRA for up to 500 litres of water.

Useful hints
Where necessary the dosage can be increased, paying careful attention, however, in  monitoring the level of oxygen in the aquarium.

Shake phial before use, withdraw the liquid with the pipette provided. Pour the acquired quantity directly in the biological filter.

In order to guarantee the treatment’s efficiency, particularly in marine aquariums,  it’s necessary that the bacteria has adequate nutrition (organic carbon). Therefore, we strongly advise the immediate use of the specific BIO-STARTER A&B nutrients.

* READ THE WARNINGS, precautions and use on the BIO-STARTER A&B enclosed instruction leaflet. 


Format: Box of 12 and 24 phials

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