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Zeolites are a group of natural micro porous minerals formed millions of years ago following the sedimentary action of volcanic ash in alkaline/salt. Zeolites are part of the Alluminio silicate hydrates family of alkaline elements (Na, K) and terrosi alkaline (Ca, Mg), they have a crystalline molecular structure, are micro porous, open, and characterised by a very large internal area made from tetrahedrons. The main characteristic of zeolites is the presence of cavities connected to one another by canals forming a network. The cavities have molecular dimensions and can absorb chemical agents small enough to pass through the canals. This unusual structure characteristic give zeolites exclusive physical/chemical qualities, through which they can be used as real “molecular filters” to purify and separate substances. To date we know of 60 natural zeolites and their characteristics depend on both the diameter and volume of their cavities. The Clinoptolite for their chemical/physical characteristics appears to be the best suited zeolite for use in the aquarium. 

ADSORBO REAKTOR is composed in high concentration by Clinoptolite and makes an excellent substrata for the colonies of bacteria in the biological filters; furthermore thanks to its molecular filter characteristics it’s efficient in the removal of organic mineral substances.

- The permanent removal of ammonia ions (NH4+) and of ammonia (NH3).
- Efficient in reduction of organic compounds and in particular phosphates (PO4)and nitrates (NO3) thereby inhibiting the growth of seaweed.
- High level of water clarity.
- Elimination of unpleasant odours in the water

Mixture of zeolites (Clinoptolite), size 10 - 15 mm.

Use 180 ml of ADSORBO REAKTORfor every 100 lt of water.

Place the ADSORBO REAKTOR in the supplied mesh and rinse under running water to eliminate dust and residue. Place it in filter, either in the sump or beteer still in a zeolite reactor, making sure that there is a strong flow of water. It is advisable to shake the product every 2-4 days to remove any dirt collected. The contents of a box of ADSORBO REAKTOR is enough to filter an aquarium of about 500 lt. if not over populated. As with all absorbent materials the efficiency of ADSORBO REAKTOR reduces over a period of time; in order to guarantee an adequate and constant filtering capacity, it is enough to replace half of the filtering material every six weeks.



Format: Bag of 1 , 5 , and 10kg

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